Personal Branding Marketing – A “must Have” For Success Online – Part 1

By | December 25, 2016

In today’s fast paced world Personal Branding Marketing has become an essential ingredient in the recipe for
success online.

With the emergence of web 2 technology, the blogging revolution and the advent of large social networking and entertainment sites such as myspace, facebook and youtube to name a few, media has become public property.

Individuals, no longer bound by the restrictive price of obtaining a global voice now have the world at their feet and are rushing headstrong to get their message out there, but does it work ?

While in theory the idea that anyone can broadcast their message to a global audience and reach thousands
sounds great, in practice the result often falls way short of the mark.

So how do you attract thousands to your message? The answer Personal Branding Marketing.

Personal branding marketing is about designing an image of yourself to present to your target audience. The goal is to build a credible identity for your target audience as credibility is required to maintain your audience and ultimately your sales. Remember people buy from individuals and or brands that they trust.

Whether you like it or not personal branding marketing has a significant influence on consumer judgement.
Focusing on the brand and not the product is a proven marketing strategy on some of the biggest global name brands. For example McDonalds marketing focuses on associating the golden arches with family values and their contribution to the local communities that they service. This message builds a sense of trust in the brand which has a natural flow on effect to trust in their products, resulting in sales.

Similarly movie stars build personal name brands which allow them to sell almost anything with their name on it.
How many times have you gone to the video store only to find there is nothing left to watch? When this happens
we generally look for something with a familiar actor on the cover, someone we trust to be good, funny, or serious.

Building a strong personal brand definitely works when trying to sell to persons interested in your niche.

If your trying to build credibility as an expert or professional in any field your online personal branding image
must reflect the attributes of a professional. Personal Branding Marketing therefore requires more than your
name on a few youtube videos, it requires a complete strategy across a broad spectrum of media.

Research suggests it takes at least seven views of your personal brand across reputable sites before people start to identify with start to identify and trust your personal brand. Personal branding marketing allows people to put a face to your name, a voice to the picture, creating a sense of knowing you. This is highly important in the competitive world of online marketing. Remember people buy from people they like and trust.